we are not your typical caterer

before we take an order, we talk with you to learn about your event to determine if we're the right fit.

what we do offer:

  • customize your menu

  • discuss timeline + setup

  • deliver + pick up on time​

what we don't offer:

  • staffed events

  • event planning of any kind

  • alcohol or bar staff 

common questions

1. How fresh is my food? Very! Your dishes will be cooked no more than 12 hours before your delivery.

2. Are you a nut free kitchen? NO. We understand there are serious allergies among our community + work hard to remind everyone that we are NOT a nut-free kitchen.

3. Do you offer gluten/dairy/sugar free options? Please call to discuss special dietary needs.

green initiatives

  • Recycling of paper, cardboard, aluminum & plastic

  • Use of Local & Sustainable produce/meats

  • No STYROFOAM Policy

  • Green Disposables 

  • Eco Friendly Cleaning Supplies 

  • åOn demand hot water heaters

  • Turning off monitors and lights when not in use

  • Consolidation of refrigerator space and actually powering down empty refrigerators during down periods

  • Slim down on office supply usage by installing better controls

  • Making a way to a paper-free office system by using electronic forms

  • Fuel efficient delivery vehicles


"We've eaten Joanna's dishes so often my family and friends have forgotten what my cooking tastes like. And that's a very good thing!"

Jeanine G.

"Knowing that my family is eating healthy food at the end of a busy day gives me so much peace of mind. Now when we go out to dinner it's truly for the enjoyment of a new restaurant or special occasion, and not just to grab something cheap and easy."

Kim P.

"Joanna knows food the way some people know art or music. She feels it. We are so excited to hear she's expanding her personal chef services to bespoke catering... the Lake and it's countless parties will benefit from her talent!

Jackson T. 

local Resources

Supporting our local farmers, fishermen and food artisans isn't just a hobby; it's our passion. Fresh, local, seasonal food is what our bodies crave and what supports our overall health. When we work in tandem, we're creating a symbiotic benefit system. Here are a few of our key partners:

  • Carrigan Farms

  • Barbee Farms

  • Scally's Natural Beef

  • Maine Lobster Now

  • Vital Choice

  • Gourmet Sweet Botanicals

  • Organic Prairie

  • O&CO

  • Provisions by Food52

  • LaTienda

  • Generous Coffee

If you'd like to partner, please reach out! We're always looking for great new products and foodie friends to work with!

upcoming events


Launching this fall:

Meal Prep Nights*!

Twice a month we'll host 12 people in our kitchen to enjoy friends, conversation, wine + food. You'll leave with meals packed by you, for your specific needs. 

Cooking Classes

Join us once a month for an afternoon of deep dive into a new food culture and its top dishes.

Bake Sale Day*!

You'll bring your favorite person and we'll spend a few hours baking amazing treats that will dazzle your family + elevate your dessert game.

*both of these options are available for group fundraising. we offer 30% of the profits from each event. we care about your success.

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