All Inclusive Trip Details


what's included?


Your trip fee includes your round-trip, coach airfare, flight between Venice and Naples, train tickets connecting from Naples to Rome, and from Rome to Florence. Also included are our transfers from the airport in Venice to our hotel, and from our hotel in Florence to the departing airport. The train trip from Florence to Cinque Terra is also included. All ticket costs will include one carry-on bag and one checked bag. Additional baggage fees are not included.

tours + extras

what's covered?

Colorful Boat Ride

Our scheduled events during this trip are included in the trip fee, including: ticketed tours, gondola rides, classes, private or semi-private group events or tours, museums, a spa credit in Florence, and Vatican City. Any excursions or adventures you seek outside of our scheduled events are not included. 


what's the plan?

Seaside Villa

The current plan is to utilize both private villas and boutique hotels for our accommodations. The final number, and mix, of travelers will ultimately lay out our final plan, which we will share as soon as we've closed sales and made the arrangements. All accommodations will be 4-5 star locations, with luxe amenities and stellar ratings. All will be in the heart of each city's most favorable areas. Your double occupancy room is included. Private rooms and gratuity are not included in the trip fee.


it's a foodie trip; let's eat!

Spaghetti and Wine

You will eat well, and yes, of course there will be wine! In vino veritas! This trip includes breakfast + coffee daily, one daily mid-day snack + wine, and dinner + wine daily. Cooking classes are also included in the trip fee. There will be additional surprises throughout the trip; you should plan to cover your airport snacks. No one is going hungry during this trip.

Timeline + Payment Details

31 March:     Public Inquiries Open for any remaining spots

15 April:       2nd Payments Due w personal q+a                              complete for travel booking

1 June:        Welcome to the FB Group!

1 July:         Final Payments Due

1 August:    Trip Details locked in + shared in full

10 September: All room assignments made, and                            any/all special requests confirmed

30 September:   Wheels up!

The fee for this tour is $5725 all inclusive.

Guests who wish to pay in full will receive a 10% discount. Three payments have been set up, and will be charged automatically, for any guest who prefers this form of payment. All payments are non-refundable. If you have an emergency and want to transfer your trip, please reach out to us immediately to discuss what is and isn't an option, as some items, such as plane tickets, are not transferable, but tours, accommodations, etc. may be.

We encourage everyone to purchase trip insurance through your preferred insurance provider. 

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