It all began when I was caught stealing deviled eggs from my grandmother's relish tray...

My love for food dates back to my days as a little girl, eating deviled eggs under the table in my grandmother’s kitchen, listening to all the hens cluck about life, and watching as they created feasts for our family. Everything from holiday celebrations to summer fish fries … the process, the effort, the love that was baked into every meal, the memorable results…it all had me gobsmacked. Food as a platform for community is deeply embedded in my DNA.


My passion for incredible food marries philosophies of modern greats like Charlie Palmer, Alex Guarnaschelli and Sean Brock, as well as pioneers such as Auguste Escoffier, Julia Child, Alice Waters, Thomas Keller and the farmers who cultivate the best of what we eat. From a young age I ate fresh vegetables grown in backyard gardens, the most incredible bread from my mama's oven and seafood pulled from nets and lines as I watched. As a student of integrative medicine and believer that food is our greatest medicine. I strive to create dishes that both inspire and nourish, while offering decadent, gorgeous options that leave you wanting more.


As a Personal Chef, my goal is to provide high quality, fresh, local, seasonal food that moves you, and wows your guests. Clean, simple foods with complex flavor and dynamic presentation. Which is why you will not see common trappings of caterers when you book with fraîche, such as chaffing dishes or plastics of any kind. We display your choices on glass, porcelain, china or marble, set up our Artisan boards on custom walnut cutting boards, and all disposables are both biodegradable and compostable. We also keep it clean by delivering to your door food ready to eat… no staff mulling about your home or office, or mess created onsite. Perhaps most importantly, we keep our orders to a minimum each day, creating everything onsite in small batches. Quality and intention are at the core of my culinary designs, which requires a disciplined approach to what I offer, representing a variety of flavors that will dazzle your guests, and a unique experience for you as a host to offer restaurant quality edibles in a private event environment.


It is always my pleasure to work with a client on custom options, so feel free to let me know if there’s something special you’d like me to put my spin on!


with joy,



chef + designer

culinary curiousity since 1977

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