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hey busy mama!

you know those nights when you've been in the car for a few hours running around, one kid is starving, another needs to be picked up from dance, there's half a chicken in the fridge but you don't remember what day you bought it, and the kids' homework hasn't been started yet ...

this sounds like most nights, right?

we've worked with a lot of clients through the years to provide meal services. athletes, busy executives, overwhelmed families on the go, clients struggling with a variety of dietary restrictions and specific needs.

as we've grown this summer, we've been asked if we'd host meal prep nights. we're answering the call of the community and providing a few key dates this fall for specific meal prep events. the menu for each event will be posted 3 days prior, based on the freshest seasonal ingredients available.

here's what you can expect:

  • a wide variety of options, including gluten free and vegetarian options

  • easy to reheat disposables that are labeled + biodegradable

  • a fun group of people to connect with, a great playlist and wine

  • everything is included; all meals are cooked, everything is fresh

  • package what you want, for a flat rate {two options!}

- option 1: pay for your meals per pound, based on what you package at $10 per pound


- option 2: pay a flat rate when you arrive, based on the number of people in your family and the number of meals you need

note: your booking fee guarantees your reservation, and is applied to your total when you finish packing your meals.

here are our dates, and purpose, for upcoming meal prep nights:

sunday, september 30 3 - 5pm: dinners + breakfasts

friday, october 5 6 - 8pm: dinners + breakfasts

friday, october 26 6 - 8pm: dinners + breakfasts

sunday, november 4 3 - 5pm: dinners + breakfasts

friday, november 16 6 - 8pm: dinners + breakfasts

sunday, november 18 2 - 6pm: Thanksgiving hors d'oeuvres, sides + desserts

thursday, december 6 6 - 8pm: dinners + breakfasts

friday, december 21 6 - 10pm: Holiday hors d'oeuvres, sides + desserts

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