We love creating beautiful dishes for you to wow your guests with! Whether it's a simple meeting to close a new client, or a celebration of friends + family, we want you to be proud of what you're offering. We deliver ready to eat foods, plattered beautifully!

*Please see our FAQ page for more information on our bespoke catering options.

travel meals

1. Vacation Meals: Taking off for the weekend or a few days at the beach? We can send you off with a cooler full of snacks + meals fit for the VIPs you are. No more kitchen frustrations while on vaca, or worry about eating out for every meal.

2. Inflight services: We work with a host of private and charter flights to provide high quality meals in the air. Fresh, local + seasonal should be available even when you have your head in the clouds. Click now for menu + details.

3. Traveling with Kids? We get it. 20+ years of doing it myself taught me how to set my family up for success. You get the benefit of my learning curve! Tell us how many days you'll be away and we'll make sure you have what you need.

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